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Sept 3 First Day of School
Sept 9 Picture Day
Sept 10 Anti-Bullying guest speaker @ 8:40
Sept 11 Anti-Bullying Day - WEAR PINK!
Sept 15 1st Mile pmt due $22
Sept 18 Curriculum Night 7-8 pm
Sept 22 Milk Program begins
Sept 22 Terry Fox Walk @ 10:30
Sept 25 Terry Fox Walk rain date
Sept 29 PD Day - no classes
Oct 8 Noggins Farm Field Trip
Oct 13 Thanksgiving - no classes
Oct 24 NSTU Conference - no classes
Oct 27 Picture Retakes
Nov 3-7 Book Fair


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George Bissett Elementary School
170 Arklow Drive
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 4R6
Telephone 902 464-5184
Fax 902 464-5187
Safe Arrival  464-5266


SAFE ARRIVAL #464-5266

A friendly reminder to parents and guardians of George Bissett that the parking lot should not be used after 8:00 a.m. when dropping off students to Excel or waiting for the 8:10 bell.  Parents and Guardians wishing to drop off their children can still do so from Arklow and enter the school ground from either the path or the entry in the fence. We kindly remind all students, as well as parents, to use the crosswalk at all times.  Thank you for your attention in this safety matter.


School closures will be announced on the radio by 6:30 am unless, of course, school is closed through the school day. If school is closed through the day, the announcement will be on the radio by 11:00 a.m. The closures will be announced by feeder school: we are a “feeder school” for Cole Harbour High. Listen carefully to the announcements.

And a special welcome to our new Primary students.
We hope you all have a great year of learning.

The George Bissett website is continuously being updated, so please come back often to stay up to date on school news, events, important dates, and photos.  You'll find 'Dates to Remember' on your left, as well as in the Calendar link above.  Scroll down to see this year's Bell Times.  We are still working on our new Staff List, so please come back for the complete list.

Newsletter Correction: Please note that there is an error on the September newsletter that was sent home.  Under 'Dates to Remember', Nov 22 was listed as a PD day in error.  It is not a PD day and therefore school is open as usual. 



Effective in September, the bell schedule will be as follows:

8:10 Students allowed on school grounds

Classes line up and come in building

8:30 Classes begin
10:05 Recess
11:30 Classes dismissed for lunch
12:20 Students allowed on school grounds
12:25 Classes line up and come in building
12:30 Classes begin
2:00 Grades P – 2 dismissed
2:30 Grades 3 - 6 dismissed

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